About Epiphany

About Epiphany

Epiphany is an alive, spirit-filled community of 1,300 families who gather to celebrate God in our midst, to engage in life long formation and to serve others.

Our liturgies are enveloped in a feeling of warmth and hospitality. Epiphany’s commitment to liturgical excellence is evident in its superior music and proclamation of the Word.

Even though there is no school, Epiphany offers an outstanding Catholic education. Sunday classes and experiences provide all age levels an opportunity to grow in knowledge and spirituality.

Our unique worship space with its unfinished appearance and glass walls reminds us that our own journeys are unfinished and that the Gospel message requires us to focus outwards to participate in and impact the wider world.

Since the founding of our parish on June 16, 1971, Epiphany has been rooted in the vision of the Second Vatican Council. Each year we rededicate ourselves to our vision statement which is the cornerstone of our commitment to the world. Its text, seen below, circles the interior of our worship space as a constant reminder of our charge.

Epiphany Catholic Church



Tuition at Catholic Grade Schools for Children of registered Epiphany Parishioners

The Archdiocese of Louisville has made a recommendation to all Catholic parish grade schools that children registered in any parish without a school, could attend a Catholic elementary school with available space at the same tuition rate paid by a parishioner of the parish sponsoring that school. The determination of available space is made by the school.

Please contact the Catholic grade school of choice in advance of enrollment each year to:

  • confirm available space
  • inform them that you are an active member of Epiphany
  • verify the tuition rate you will be paying

If the school needs confirmation from Epiphany that you are a registered member, please contact the parish office and we will provide a letter.

For general information and questions, please contact Leisa Schulz at lschulz@archlou.org or (502) 448-8581.

The Epiphany Mission Statement

Animated by the Holy Spirit and rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, we are the Community of Epiphany on a pilgrimage of faith. In response to our baptismal call and sustained by prayer:

  • We choose to live the Gospel of Christ with humility and compassion.
  • We embrace diversity and nurture the unique gifts of all.
  • We search for the truth in a complex and changing world.
  • We experience the struggle and excitement of transformation through Conversion.
  • We accept the responsibility of shared, collaborative ministry.
  • We believe in a society free from oppression; we heal, reconcile, and work for justice and peace.
  • We celebrate our oneness with God and all of creation.
  • We strive to be a manifestation of God in our time.

Revised January 2015

Epiphany Commitment

Acknowledging our oneness with God and all creation, we respond to our baptismal call by proclaiming the good news that Jesus is Lord and that he is with us.

  • Sharing hope and joy of the resurrection event with all who thirst for the fullness of life;
  • Liturgical expressions that celebrate the Lord's life, death, and resurrection, and that illuminate these mysteries in our lives;
  • Lifelong learning experiences that foster spiritual growth at all levels of human development;
  • Just and creative responses to the needs of the suffering, the poor, the disheartened, and the oppressed;
  • Social activities that will enhance development as a community family;
  • Calling forth and valuing the diverse gifts of all;
  • Ongoing renewal that reflects the ever-changing course of a people on a common pilgrimage with all people of good will;
  • Shared, collaborative responsibility in fulfilling this commitment.