Mass and Prayer

American Sign Language

Weather Closing Policy

The following general policy applies to cancellations due to bad weather:

  • Daily morning mass: When Jefferson County Public Schools are closed or opening on a delayed schedule, then the morning mass at Epiphany will be cancelled.
  • Scheduled programs: Will be left to staff discretion pending weather conditions.
  • Epiphany OfficeWill be open subject to staff ability to do so.
  • Please check the home page of our website for exceptions or other emergency information.

Weekend Eucharistic Liturgies

  • Saturday - 5:30 PM
  • Sunday - 9:00 AM (with American Sign Language), 11:30 AM
  • 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays of the month - 1:00 PM -  Deaf culture mass (silent mass; ASL only)
  • Holidays and holy days sometimes change the schedule.  Please see the parish calendar or the Prayer Times Calendar for details.
    • For the sick and homebound, audio recordings of weekend liturgy are available through the parish office. Please call the office to have a CD delivered to you.  
    • Audio of the homilies are available through iTunes or your favorite RSS reader (see the homily podcast page for more information).
    • No Saturday 5:30 PM Mass on Holy Saturday evening. (Easter Vigil Liturgy begins at 5:30 AM on Easter morning.)
    • No Saturday 5:30 PM Mass on the first Saturday of May (Derby Day).

Weekday Eucharistic Liturgies

  • 8:30 AM - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (If a funeral is scheduled on these days, the 8:30 Mass is cancelled and all are recouraged to attend the funeral.)
  • Check the weekly bulletin or the Prayer Times Calendar for changes in the above schedule.

Holy Day Liturgies



Communual recitation of the Rosary is celebrated every Monday evening at 5:00 PM in the Chapel.

Taizé Prayer

Taizé prayer is a meditative form of prayer. It is based on the musical style of prayer celebrated at the ecumenical monastic community of Taizé, in Burgundy, France. Through the repetition of musical phrases over and over, your body and your mind slow down enough to be able to listen to the voice of God that is planted deep within you.

Taizé prayer is celebrated at 6:50 AM on the second Friday of every month and on every Friday morning in Lent.

Labyrinth Prayer

Epiphany has a permanent outdoor labyrinth that can be prayed privately at any time. This labyrinth is locacted on the hillside rise on the northeast entrance to the Worship Center. It is accessed by a path from the southeast corner of the main parking lot. There is also a raised miniture glass labyrinth in this area for those with walking or vision disbabilities, that can be prayed by moving one's fingers over the raised path of the "Finger Labyrinth." The outdoor Labyrinth is is available for personal prayer at any time.

There is generally a facilitated labyrinth prayer the first Thursday of each month, outside in good weather, inside if inclement weather.

Epiphany also has a fabric labyrinth that can be used indoors. It is set up in the Community Center on a number of occasions. Please see the Worship Ministry page or Check the weekly bulletin for current information on times for indoor labyrinth prayer. Postings will aslo appear in the Prayer Times Calendar.

About the Labyrinth

The labyrinth is an ancient, sacred symbol found in many religious traditions throughout the world. During the Middle Ages, labyrinths were prominent in numerous cathedrals in Europe, where Christians walked floor labyrinths or traced their fingers along the carved ridges of wall labyrinths. For medieval Christians, the labyrinth was a symbolic pilgrimage: instead of taking a costly and dangerous pilgrimage to Jerusalem, worshipers made a symbolic journey on a cathedral labyrinth. The best know of these Christian labyrinths is in Chartres Cathedral in France, which was built during the 13th century. Today labyrinth prayer has become a popular form of meditative prayer.

Special Prayer Groups

Epiphany has a variety of special groups who gather for meditative and contemplative prayer. Schedules and times vary. Please see the Worship Ministry page and the Prayer Times Calendar for more information.

 Additional Opportunities Regarding Weekend Liturgies:

  • Children may participate more fully in special celebrations such as the Family/Children's Christmas Eve Mass. Children may participate in the choir, bell choir, orchestra, dance, drama, as readers, etc.
  • Youth who have some proficiency playing wind and stringed instruments could consider joining the Epiphany Youth Band.
  • The Ensemble Musicians, Choir and Bell Choir are open to all parishioners with musical talents or interests who would like to be a part of our Music Ministry.
  • Gather the Children provides the Liturgy of the Word at the 9:00am Sunday mass, including song, readings and reflections, geared for children kindergarten through primary level. Musicians are needed to provide songs for the children each week.
  • All parishioners are invited to help plan weekend liturgies. Check the weekly bulletin, or check out the Worship Committee calendar for dates.
  • Recordings of weekend liturgies are available for the homebound or seriously ill. Call the office to sign up.
  • Aids for those needing help hearing adequately are available for any liturgies in the main worship space. Call the office for more information.