Healing Blankets

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Please note that we are a small ministry within Louisville, Kentucky.  A donation of $10 to cover the cost of postage is suggested.  Please send donation to Julie Stuart, Church of Epiphany, 914 Old Harrods Creek Rd., Louisville, Kentucky 40223.

In May 2003 we began a Healing Blanket ministry here at Epiphany. Since that time over 10,000 blankets have been blessed and given away. There are approximately 50 parishioners who contribute to this wonderful ministry, ranging from the seamstresses, to those who fold the blankets and laminate prayers. The extraordinary success of this ministry was born from a simple idea received in an email from Houston, Texas.

We began with one seamstress and a one blanket. Our former pastor, Father Bill Griner had just been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and he was the one who received this first blanket. The comfort he received at such a stressful time soon turned into encouragement. More blankets were being given away, and soon word spread and the healing power of God began to direct and ignite this ministry within our community.

As more blankets were being distributed, we began receiving more and more notes of thanks and encouragement. The stories these people share are humbling. Everyone's story was different but they all share one thing in common. The recipient felt touched and cared for. It made a difference in their lives to know that such a large community was praying for them. They truly felt the warmth of all of our prayers offered for them.

Such enormous reward for so simple a gift. Each blanket is one yard squared, two sided with an appliqué of our logo with a simple prayer. Each blanket is unique. Truly, there are no two that are alike. Some are bright and colorful; others subdued and muted in their color. After they are blessed by the community at Liturgy they are ready for their recipients. No matter what the blanket looks like, it is the love and care that come with it that are as important. It becomes a tangible symbol of what prayer is supposed to do.

The "final product" that each person receives includes a booklet called "You are covered in Prayer" and a letter that explains what the blanket is all about.

Anyone who requests a blanket receives one, whether you are a parishioner or not. The intention behind the blankets is that you be healed mind, body or spirit. Whatever that means. It's different for many people. It may apply for someone experiencing grief, loss, divorce, illness, or loneliness, and that you are not alone. This is a reminder of the love and prayers of our community. Our prayer that is sewn on to the blanket says it all: "This blanket was sewn with love and blessed. Know that you are covered by the prayers and love of the Community of the Epiphany. In Jesus' name we pray that you will be healed."

Prayer for Healing

Gracious and loving god, I ask your blessing and healing for myself and others. Allow your gentle care to enfold me in your love. To you I entrust the healing of my mind, body, and spirit. Stay near that I may be strong to face my fears. Let all the fragmented parts of my being gather around you. Your healing presence will mend all that has been broken, And I shall be made whole Thank you for your goodness and sharing the beautiful mystery of life with me. Amen.

Author Unknown