You have set us free to worship you without fear, all the days of our lives. (Luke 1: 74-75)  

  • Co-chairs: Tony and Cindy Simpson, 777-6188.
  • Staff Representative: Linda Thieneman, 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.

Our Mission

The Worship Committee has as its focus the spiritual development of the community through liturgical celebrations that shape and express the faith life of our community.

Our worship ministries call forth active participation by all members, so that the liturgies we celebrate become the source from which we receive the Spirit of the risen Jesus to live our Christian mission in the world, and the summit to which we bring all our hopes and fears as we return from the daily encounter with our individual Christian ministries.

The Worship Committee is responsible for the planning, execution and evaluation of all liturgical celebrations for the Community of Epiphany.
Besides the weekend Eucharistic liturgies, Worship at Epiphany includes
  • Baptisms
  • Marriages
  • Funerals
  • Communal Reconciliation
  • Communal Anointing of the Sick
The Worship Committee also supports the prayer and other aspects of the community's spiritual life, including
  • Labyrinth Prayer
  • Rosary Prayer
  • Centering Prayer
  • Taizé Prayer
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • SoulLife
The committee is organized into three general areas of sub-committee groupings:
  • Pre-Celebration Ministries
  • Celebration Ministries
  • Other Ministries of Prayer

Our Worship Ministries:

Worship Committee

Leaders of ministries and members of the support teams collaborate in coordinating our Worship at Epiphany. If interested in participation in particular ministries, please sign up for individual ministries listed below. If interested in overall coordination of Epiphany’s Worship, please sign up for our Worship or Music Ministry Support Teams.

  • Acolyte Ministry: Prepares worship setting, assists presider during liturgies. Assignments are six to ten times a year. Sign up for the mass timers) you prefer. Contact: Jim Parr, 426-3890, jbga4parr@bellsouth.net
  • Art & Environment: Design, create, and arrange art and floral pieces for liturgical celebrations. Help for a particular season (e.g .. Advent, Easter. etc.) or for special projects. Talent in sewing, banner making or wall hanging, and interior design are valued. Flexible hours. Contact: Margarete Klose, 245-0250, mrklose34@gmail,com or Linda Thieneman, 2459733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Audio Visual Ministry: Coordinate sound, recording, and projection needs for weekend liturgies and special events. Contact: Tony Simpson (Audio), 228-6259, awsimpson57@gmail.com or Tom Hayes (Visual). 244-8618, TomHayesMP@gmail.com
  • Bell Choir: Augment liturgical music periodically. Rehearse weekly on Friday afternoons. Music reading or the willingness to learn to read music is required. Contact: Linda Thieneman, 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Bread Bakers: Bake bread from a standard recipe 1-5 times a year. [Click here] for our recipe for eucharistic breadContact: Celeste Fowler, 426-0309, celeste.fowler1@att.net
  • Children’s Bells and Instruments: Play bells or instruments for special weekend liturgies, particularly Christmas Eve Family/ Children's Mass. Contact: Faith Murphy, 630-291-0184, faith@feetwashers.org or Linda Thieneman, 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Children's Choir: Sing during special weekend liturgies, particularly Christmas Eve Family/Children's Mass. Contact: Faith Murphy, 630-291-0184, faith@feetwashers.org or Linda Thieneman, 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Choir (Adult): Sing at weekend liturgies, generally twice a month. Rehearsals on Thursday evenings, and some Sunday mornings September through May. Contact: Faith Murphy, 630-291-0184, faith@feetwashers.org or Linda Thieneman, 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Cup and Plate Coordinator: Enlists Eucharistic ministers needed for community liturgies, helps with various details during Mass, approximately once a month. Contact: Stephen Murphy, 630-995-6269, stephen@feetwashers.org
  • Cup and Plate Ministry: Eucharistic Ministers serve communion at all Eucharistic liturgies. Training is required. Contact: Stephen Murphy, 630-995-6269, stephen@feetwashers.org
  • Drama/Mime: Provide a mime or dramatic interpretation of Scriptures or reflection for special community liturgies (e.g. during Holy Week). Contact: Linda Thieneman, 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Epiphany Youth Band: Singers or youth who play wind, stringed or percussion instruments alternate playing for various weekend liturgies. Contact: Linda Thieneman, 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Lector Ministry: Proclaim the Scriptures, other prayers, and announcements during liturgies rotating 5-9 times per year. Evaluation and Training are required. Sign up for the mass time which is your preference, or if you have no preference, simply sign up for "Lector Ministry." Contact: Joan Perkins, 425-6645
  • Lighting Volunteer: Arrange overhead lighting in Worship Center as needed. Contact: Tom Hayes, 244-8618, TomHayesMP@gmail.com
  • Linens /Vestments Ministry: Launder towels used each week and clean the white garments (albs) worn by the presider. A rotation schedule is provided. Contact: Hub Daugherty, 245-5257, hubbaleed@bellsouth.net
  • Liturgical Dance: Provide interpretive dance for various liturgies throughout the year. Rehearsals are required. Contact: Therese Graves, 261-1326, tdgraves@bellsouth.net
  • Liturgical Planning: Gather in prayer and reflection to prepare parish liturgies. Experienced planners are available to help those new to the process. Contact: Gary Marvin, 426-1143. or Linda Thieneman, 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Music Ministry: Those with vocal or instrumental skills support Epiphany's prayer. programs and events (e.g. formation classes, Gather the Children. Taizé Prayer, weekend liturgies). Audition process for ensemble musicians. Monthly general rehearsals as well as ensemble rehearsals are required. Contact: Linda Thieneman. 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Music Ministry Support Team: Maintain music files, make contacts, prepare sheet music for liturgies. and report copyright usage. Contact: Linda Thieneman, 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Music Support for Children: Lead music for children's catechetical or liturgical programs. e.g. First Communion, Gather the Children. Contact: Linda Thieneman. 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Participation Sheet Volunteer: Prepare worship aids for community liturgies. Contact: Lynne Webb. 245-9733 x10, Lynne by email.
  • Prayer Ministries Support: Support regularly scheduled prayer groups (Rosary Prayer, Centering Prayer, Taizé Prayer, Labyrinth Prayer, etc.) Tasks: Open and close Gathering spaces, set-up, make contacts when change is necessary, etc. Contact: Linda Thieneman, 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Space Arrangers/Angels: Arrange and order worship space. Tasks: Straighten chairs, light cleaning. Weekly on Saturday or take a task to do at one's convenience. Contact: Larry Warren. 245-6747, Ikwarren@bellsouth.net or Greg Tichenor. 439-5262, gregtich86@gmail.com
  • Wedding Assistants: Help engaged couples plan and execute logistical wedding details. serve as liaison with the pastor and staff for their wedding rehearsal and ceremony. Contact: Kathi Ley. 544-3714, kley527@gmail.com or Linda Thieneman. 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Weekend Closer: Close and secure the Worship Center and Community Center after Saturday evening and Sunday 11:30 masses. Contact: Linda Thieneman, 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.
  • Worship Greeters: Greet and welcome before liturgies, distribute worship aids, assist with seating, coordinate the collection, and straighten the worship space following Masses. Rotation about three assignment periods per year. Sign up for the Masses you prefer to attend. Contact: Alice Nordmann, 425-3054, alice.nordmann@twc.com
  • Worship Support Team: Help with practical needs for liturgies, explore theological or "best practice" areas, develop formation opportunities, provide support for implementation of liturgical plans, etc. ContactTony and Cindy Simpson, 777-6188 or Linda Thieneman, 245-9733 x15, Linda by email.

Events – The following are Epiphany events that occur at specific times throughout the year.  If interested in these events, please watch for specific information in the bulletin, parish email list or on the website. Each will be advertised when it is time to prepare for the event.

  • Parishioner Memorial Liturgy
  • Celebration of Marriage Liturgy
  • Centering Prayer
  • Easter Garden
  • SoulLife