Honduras 2009 Mission

A mission…a pilgrimage…an encounter…solidarity….in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

On February 21, twelve missioners representing Epiphany and other faith congregations will journey to Tegucigalpa, the capitol of Honduras.  There, in a marginal community in the second poorest country in our hemisphere, we will work with the Catholic community of Divine Mercy to help them to realize their community plans and dreams.

Divine Mercy is located in the Fuerzas Unidas (United Forces) neighborhood, which is struggling to develop the most basic of needs: safe homes, basic health care, running water, paved streets and adequate education.  Our team and host congregation will continue a five-year tradition of mission trips that model ecumenical cooperation in the quest to better the lives of the people.  Several of our team members will remain for a second week, when we will assist a team from First United Methodist Church of Frankfort to offer a medical clinic. 

Our shared projects will include installing the first units of a home water purification project, beginning construction on a convent, distributing reading glasses, and conducting a children’s’ dental clinic.

But the most important goal of our shared encounter will be to build relationship, through shared prayer and worship, labor and rest, words and gestures and laughter.

Both teams are organized under the auspices of Honduras Interfaith Missions.  This ecumenical effort makes it possible for faith congregations to work in solidarity with congregations in Honduras.  Other current projects include a neighborhood day care at a Methodist church, and the development of a hospital to serve poor women.   H.I.M. missioners share six years of mission experience and relationships with congregations in Honduras.

Our team is preparing: learning prayers and basic phrases in Spanish, studying the culture and history of Honduras, reflecting on best practices in mission work.   For first-time missioners, there will be many challenges.  This is not mission tourism!  Our missioners must prepare for many challenging experiences.  We hope that you will support us with your prayers.