Reflections on Sunday’s Mass: August 7, 2011

Boat on the seaThis is the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time. How have you, how do you encounter God? Is life not a mountaintop experience of God? Does the chaos that occurs at times in your life reveal the presence of God to you? How do you define faith? “Believing” requires commitment and risk taking!

  • I Kings 19: 9a,11-13a: Elijah the prophet is called out of his cave of darkness to stand in the light before God. Do we not need to get out of “ourselves” and stand before God with our vulnerabilities and weaknesses and leave fear behind trusting that God first searches us out!
  • Romans 9: 1-5: Paul has great love for his “ancestors” in faith, the Israelites, the covenanted people of God. Paul lists the many, many ways the Israelites had gifted us: the glory of God, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship and the promises, the patriarchs and most importantly, Christ who is a descendent of the House of Israel. So many signs of God’s presence yet even today we do not recognize Christ.
  • Matthew 14: 22-33: This gospel is much more about faith and its opposite, fear, than it is about Christ walking on the water. As Jesus did, we too need time “alone” with God. It will increase our trust in God. Trusting in ourselves causes us to sink! Our sustenance comes from relying on God. The clip art accompanying this reflection illustrates a small boat out in open waters alone. The water symbolizes the chaos life brings us. The lone boat seems quiet. The tranquility we sense from the photo speaks to us of the peace and tranquility that come to us as people of faith. Through our encounters with God in the everydayness of living, we gain strength and courage to live each day to its full giving praise and glory to God.

This weekend at Epiphany we have sign ups for Confirmation and for Youth Groups for our young parishioners of junior and senior high.