Reflections on Sunday’s Reading: January 20, 2013

Wine JarsThis is the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: We have just completed the Christmas Cycle where the revelation of God was manifested in the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s son. God was revealed to all peoples of the earth with the Magi’s visit to the Christ Child. Last Sunday, on the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus, God’s voice proclaims Christ as his “beloved”. Our Advent theme this year focused God’s light shining through us. Do we believe that we too are God’s beloved? The readings for the Second Sunday have a thread or theme of “newness” in them. We hear from Isaiah that we shall be called by a “new” name. Paul in his letter to the community at Corinth alludes to the “newness of God” coming through the Spirit. The familiar gospel story of the Wedding Feast at Cana reveals the “newness of God” at a celebratory moment when Jesus and his mother are with friends. How is the “newness of God” revealed in your life?

Readings for this Sunday:

  • Isaiah 62: 1-5 We hear in this reading again God’s commitment to God’s people, who are a “crown of beauty” in the hand of the Lord. “You shall be called my delight”. God rejoices over us. We are loved immensely by God.
  • 1 Cor. 12: 4-11 Isaiah in the Hebrew Scriptures speaks of six gifts of the Holy Spirit and “piety” was added to round the gifts to seven, the “perfect” number. These gifts were for the spiritual development of the individual. Paul in his writings names nine gifts needed to build up the community of believers, gifts needed for the common good.
  • John 2:1-12 Jesus nourished his friends at the Wedding Feast of Cana by transforming the wine into the “best”. God’s love and generosity nourishes us daily in Eucharist, in the company of family and friends. At what moments in your life have you experienced the presence of God?

This Week/Weekend:

  • Christian Churches worldwide celebrate a “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity”. This week was begun in 1908 by a Graymoor Friar, Fr. Paul Watson. The week begins on January 18 and concludes on the 25th. EACM (Eastern Area Christian Ministries) will be combining this celebration with the celebration of Rev. Martin Luther King’s life and his commitment to justice and non-violence. All are invited to First Baptist Church of Anchorage. On Sunday, January 20th for a workshop led by the Rev. Dr. Lewis Brogdon of Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. Dr. Brogdon’s workshop will offer attendees a rich understanding of Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy both for civil rights and our Christian heritage. The workshop begins at 4PM. Light refreshments will be served for workshop attendees. At 6PM, everyone is invited to join in a worship service led by First Baptist, Anchorage. Dr. Brogdon will be bring the message. The church is located at 11500 La Grange Road, Louisville, KY 40223.
  • Other weekend events: Signups in the Gathering Area for Couples Retreat and Why Catholic?