Parish Council Releases Long Range Plan 2015-2019

Long Range PlanUnder the leadership of the Parish Pastoral Council and the Long Range Planning Committee, Epiphany has dedicated hundreds of hours of time over the last 18 months: through the parish-wide survey answered by over 300 parishioners, external church surveys, numerous PPC/Staff daylong retreats, and ad hoc committee meetings of additional parishioners (developing action plans) to develop a five year plan for Epiphany. We have sought input from the archdiocese, parishioners, staff, numerous publications, and other parishes to identify trends and best practices we would like to implement.

This dynamic plan will help Epiphany focus on becoming the best version of ourselves for the future, with an emphasis on hospitality, and “quality, not quantity” when it comes to ministries and programs. The plan provides specific actions to improve on our strengths, and build new ones, reaching and engaging the most parishioners and interested Catholics possible, helping each of them grow closer to God.

[Click here] to read a summary of Epiphany’s 5 year Long Rang Plan

To kick off implementation of the plan, in 2015 (the first year of the five year plan) we are focusing on the following:

  • redefining staff and ministries roles and responsibilities
  • improving our hospitality and stewardship presence
  • helping others know where their strengths can be shared
  • creating a more welcome and deliberate focus/space for young adults
  • creating a communications committee to improve communications
  • restructuring our social responsibility ministry/focus

Each strategy has multiple measurable goals to ensure we accomplish our 2020 Vision.

Strategy 1 – Stewardship Based on Personal Connection

Develop a comprehensive Stewardship Plan based on the “7 characteristics of highly effective stewardship parishes” that engages each parishioner in prayer, service, financial generosity, formation and hospitality and enables the parish to provide needed programs, ministries and outreach.

Strategy 2 – Building Community

We need to know, recognize, connect, and engage all parishioners so people feel like they belong to an inclusive family of faith. As a result of this effort, parishioners will invest in a community they help nurture and sustain, realizing they are one of the many parts of the body of Christ for the community and for the world.

Strategy 3 – Catholic Identity and Mission

Connect what we do with why we do it by how we live it. While well-intentioned in our service to others founded in our response to God’s love for us, we at times lose sight of purpose. Through our Baptism, we enter into a relationship with God who is love. We embrace our baptismal responsibility by undertaking ministries of service inside and outside of our community that affirm our relationship and connection with God.

Strategy 4 - Communications

Develop and implement a comprehensive parish communication plan that actively solicits and respectfully disseminates information (information regarding programs, upcoming events, good news, service opportunities, needs and sacraments). In order to reach and engage parishioners and others, we need to simplify and consistently communicate in ways that are easy to understand and are accessible.

Strategy 5 – Effectiveness of Ministries & Programs

Develop a quality assurance process to evaluate effectiveness and relevance of ministries, programs and committees. This process will insure that current and future programs are aligned with the current needs of the parish, as well as the 2020 Vision and future plans.

[Click here] to read a summary of Epiphany’s 5 year Long Rang Plan