Reflection on Mary’s Fiat

Madonna BannerThe following poem, a reflection on the Annunciation to Mary, was written by parishioner Michael Diebold.


I said “Yes” to an angel

But my heart wonders now.

I look out on Nazareth’s streets

Soldiers in red, assassins in shadows.

O God my only hope is in You,

Are you with me today?

Will my child be born and grow up

Only to be destroyed by violent men?

Will he be the One, your Anointed

Isaiah and Micah promised?

Will my people reject him?

They rejected Isaiah and Micah.

Does finding favor with You O God

Bring your handmaid a rose or a sword?

When I am old will my throat be choked

With chants of Lamentation?

Will Joseph ever come to believe

In my angel?

This child of your Holy Spirit

Moves in my womb.

I walk in the shadow of your power

But You do not answer me (But I have no answers.)

I said “Yes” to your Word, O God,

Help me say it again - today.

M. Diebold 12/06/2017