Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: August 6, 2017

TransfigurationThis Sunday we celebrate the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord. By an almost eerie coincidence - here in the midst of other cosmic events - this date is also the anniversary of the world’s birth into the atomic age at Hiroshima! The paradox of the brilliance of Christ transfigured, foretold in Daniel and revealed to Peter, James, and John on that holy mountain and the brilliant flash from that first nuclear blast, cannot be lost on us.

The white light which shone from Christ was a mere suggestion of that divine splendor and indescribable brilliance beyond all human comprehension. The white light which shone from the atomic explosion was an omen of the destructive force that is within human grasp! It is imperative that the horror of the latter be brought under the control of the glory of the former, the One whom the Father's voice declared: This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased, listen to Him. It is more urgent than ever that we listen to Him! At stake, the very future of our children, grandchildren, and planet.

Transfiguration Prayer (by Deacon Lucio Caruso)

Today, surrounded with light, Jesus, You reveal your glory to your chosen witnesses.

Tomorrow, stripped of everything before your people - You will stretch out your arms upon a Cross and be humiliated.

But come the Third day, You will rise from the dead clothed in light!

Today, full of gladness, Jesus, You hear a voice confirming the promise made by the Father. Tomorrow, silent in deep distress as pain drowns your heart - You will feel far from God.

But come the third day, You will rise from the dead full of gladness!

Today, shining with power, Jesus, You lift up with joy your friends whose expectations seem fulfilled.

Tomorrow, pierced by the lance - when the shadow of death covers your body - You will be abandoned.

But come the third day, You will rise from the dead shinning with power!

Today, gathered in your name, Jesus, we eat the bread and drink the wine transfigured into your Body and Blood. For as you became like unto us, so by our sharing in your Eucharist, we are transfigured and become like unto you for the sake of a world that cries out for peace!

But come the end of time, Jesus, You will return in brilliant glory upon the clouds to judge the living and the dead. There will be no more war or bombs, no more death or mourning; and You will wipe away every tear from our eyes!

The Sunday Readings:

  • Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14. A vision of hope through the saving majesty of God and God’s chosen One.
  • 2 Peter 1:16-19. The remarkable experience of the Transfiguration is evoked to give Christians under persecution a reason to hope.
  • Matthew 17:1-9. Christ's face shone like the sun… Jesus is glorified, the fulfillment of the Torah (Moses) and the prophets (Elijah) – we should listen to God’s Beloved, and let go of fear.

Of Note:

  • We’ll be doing a blessing of returning students, school staffs, and those going into the work world for the first time at all the Masses this weekend.
  • The next opportunities for Individual Reconciliation are August 12 & 26, 2017 (2nd and 4th Saturdays), 4:00 PM in the Chapel.
  • Engaged couples: congratulations! We’d love to celebrate with you and bless this preparation time for your Marriage. Please contact Fr. Randy, Jim Read or Linda Thieneman to arrange a time for a blessing!
  • Curious about SoulLife?
    • We will meet on seven Wednesday evenings between August 30, 2017 and December 13, 2017 and for a retreat weekend September 22-24, 2017’.
    • We will use part of Roberet Sardello’s book Silence, The Mystery of Wholeness for our resource reading.
    • Contact Linda Thieneman 245- 9733, Sharon Allen 417-8721, or Maureen Kelly 939-1478 for more information or to sign up for this Fall’s sessions.
  • Have a natural gift for hospitality? Consider serving as a Worship Greeter! We are in particular need of help for 11:30 masses. Contact Linda or Fr. Randy if you can help.