Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: June 11, 2017

TrinityThis is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. We experience God as a living presence whose very nature is communion - relationship! “...God is a flow, a radical relatedness, a perfect communion between Three - a circle dance of love [perichoresis].” (Richard Rohr, “The Divine Dance, The Trinity and Your Transformation”) Physics now shows that this relatedness is not only in God, or among us, but is imbedded in the very atoms of all creation. At the subatomic level scientists describe “quantum entanglements”: the state of each particle cannot be described independent of the others. Thus, “Pick a flower on earth, and you move the farthest star.” (Physicist Paul Dyrac)

God created all things in relationship, mirroring the very nature of the Trinity. Divine life and love extend beyond the Trinity to us and to all that is. May the mystery of the Trinity draw us to go deeper into ourselves – to be in touch with the Divine within us, and beyond ourselves – to an intimacy with God that moves us outward to live in solidarity and love with all God’s amazing handiwork.

Many of us, nowadays, seem to believe that a happy future is something impossible to achieve. While such concerns must be taken very seriously, they are not invincible. They can be overcome when we don’t lock our door to the outside world. Happiness can be discovered as a gift of harmony between the whole and each single component. Even science - and you know it better than I do - points to an understanding of reality as a place where every element connects and interacts with everything else…” (Pope Francis, TED talk)

The Readings:

  • Ex 34: 4b-6 & 8-9. Moses finds a God with whom he can relate. Moses asks this God to journey with all the people. (focus: 1st person of the trinity).
  • 2 Cor 13: 11-13. The relationship that exists within God (Trinity) also mirrors the relationship that should exist within us as a human community – a relationship of mutuality and support - a relationship of love and respect. focus: fellowship of the Spirit).
  • Jn 3: 16-18. Jesus reminds us in the gospel that God travels with us not to condemn but to love – to be of help to all of us. God sent Jesus to save the world (focus: Christ).

Of Note:

  • This is Epiphany’s 46th Anniversary weekend! Receptions follow all the Masses. May we continue to be a manifestation of God in our time!
  • Many thanks to all who helped make our Easter Season liturgies so prayerful and festive! Special thanks to Sharon Wuorenmaa and all the Easter gardeners who worked so generously and diligently these last 7 weeks to make our worship space so beautiful!
    • If you’ve loaned plants, please pick them up outside the south wall of the Worship Center.
    • Remaining healthy plants will be planted on the grounds after June 18.
  • ALS logoThe Mass for the Deaf Community (usually at 1:30 on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month) will not be held from now until the middle of September. The 9:00 mass will continue to be ASL interpreted.
  • Hearing logoExperiencing difficulty hearing during liturgy? Pick up a personal sound receiver and ear piece or loop from the stands next to the chapel before mass, and adjust the volume as needed. Please note that the receivers are divided for hearing assistance and Spanish translation (during 11:30 Mass). Make sure your receiver has a yellow dot, or change the channel as indicated.
  • Do you know…? It is the bread baker with their family who usually brings up the gifts for weekend liturgy.