Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: June 25, 2017

Be not afraidThis is the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Though it may take total commitment, as for Jeremiah, to be faithful in the face of opposition and difficulty, God brings us healing and strength through the gracious gift of Jesus. In today’s gospel, Jesus helps us sort out fear. “Fear no one,” he states boldly. We need only to keep Jesus’ continued presence before us and act accordingly. We can be assured that God counts every hair on our head, and counts us worthy to be disciples. Jesus challenges us to fear what is truly death-dealing, “the one who can destroy both soul and body. ” This kind of death comes from choosing our own selfish interests rather than the way of Christ. As we gather in community, may we be reminded of the love of God that strengthens us to continue, together, to choose the way of Christ that brings Life and helps us let go of fear.

The Sunday Readings:

  • Jer 20: 10-13. Even though human friends turn away from the prophet, he still puts his trust in God, who stands with him “like a mighty champion.” God saved the needy one.
  • Romans 5: 12-15. God's gift is nothing like our sin. Death as exile from God entered the world because of sin, specifically because of the sin of Adam, the “type” of all human beings. But in the death of Christ, all that sin and therefore death-as-exile-because-of-sin was wiped away by the grace of God.
  • Mt 10: 26-33. Do not fear those who can kill the body. In death as in life, trust in God and proclaim your faith boldly.

Of Note:

  • Individual Reconciliation is available at 4:00 PM Saturday in the Chapel.
  • Young children restless? Look for the door to the “Quiet Room” in the Narthex/Gathering Area, near its main doors. This is a great place for those who aren’t able to be quiet or who need more space to roam. The windows open to the worship space, and there’s sound and video, too.
  • Having trouble remembering the name of the person in front of you? Chances are, they might be having a hard time, too… Please find your Epiphany name tag and wear it when you come – help us know each other by name!