Happy 46th, Epiphany!

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Birthday CompositeJune 11, 2017 is Epiphany’s 46th Anniversary weekend!  

Please join us after all of the Masses this weekend for our 46th Epiphany Birthday celebration and also to welcome our new Business Manager, Mary Downs. Fun for the entire family in the Connector! Please join us in further celebration at the receptions after all the Masses. 

This presents a time to remember -- and be challenged to live out -- Epiphany's vision statement:

Animated by the Holy Spirit and rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, we are the Community of Epiphany on a pilgrimage of faith. In response to our baptismal call and sustained by prayer:

  • We choose to live the Gospel of Christ with humility and compassion.
  • We embrace diversity and nurture the unique gifts of all.
  • We search for the truth in a complex and changing world.

  • We experience the struggle and excitement of transformation through conversion.
  • We accept the responsibility of shared, collaborative ministry.
  • We believe in a society free from oppression; we heal, reconcile, and work for justice and peace.
  • We celebrate our oneness with God and all of creation.
  • We strive to be a manifestation of God in our time.

Amen, may it be so! 

Happy birthday, Epiphany!