2017 Jim Flynn Social Responsibility Award Recipient: Gary Marvin

Gary MarvinWhat: Jim Flynn Social Responsibility Award Wine and Cheese Party

When: Saturday January 20, 2018, 7-9pm

Where: Community Center

Cost: $5 donation suggested to cover costs

Reservations: Due to weather, people didn't get to register, so we're opening the event to anyone to just show up.

Please join us in congratulating Gary Marvin, the 2017 Flynn Peacemaker award recipient!

Gary was ordained in 1970, having received his Masters of Divinity at St. Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology in Indiana. He went on to become Associate Pastor at Most Blessed Sacrament Church in Pittsburg, PA. Ministering to the sick, he co-founded Apostles of Joy and enlisted volunteers to join him in visiting shut-ins, bringing communion, and comforting them in their need. People seemed to embrace him as they welcomed him into their community and into their hearts.

It may have been the visits to bring communion to Rita’s aunt, Kitty Robertson, or the breadmaking and baking of Rita’s mother, Josephine Malloy, or the irresistible charm of the future Rita Marvin herself, but Gary’s life as a priest was to come to an end in 1973, when he married Rita, his now wife of 44 years.

For the past 35 years Gary and Rita have been members of Epiphany. For 14 years he was head of Worship and continues to be actively involved in the planning of liturgy. Gary provides other services to this church community. He serves as acolyte; is on the Technology Committee; helps with maintaining Epiphany’s Website, along with Jeff Squires; and, plans the physical layout of the Worship Center, aligning the configuration of the altar, platforms, and chairs with the liturgical season and themes of the liturgy. Indeed, his contributions to our religious community are significant.

  • CLICK HERE to read the full text of Gary's Acceptance Remarks.
  • The Flynn Award also entails a donation by Epiphany to a charity named by the recipient. A donation in Gay’s name will be made to the Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA), a papal agency for humanitarian and pastoral support of people living in the traditional middle eastern countries of Israel, the Palestinian territory, Jordon, Syria, Egypt and Iraq as well as Ethiopia, Eritrea, India and Ukraine. These are areas experiencing great suffering and disruption from war, famine and poverty.