Obituary for Bettye Donohue

Bettye DonohueElizabeth Smith "Bettye" Donohue 82, of Louisville, Kentucky passed away March 16, 2016. She graduated from Presentation High School in 1950, was a retiree from General Electric and a faithful and loving member of The Church of the Epiphany.

Elizabeth was born May 10, 1933 in Louisville, Kentucky to the late Adelene Smith Bailey & James B. Smith.

She is survived by her loving husband, Donald J. Donohue, six daughters, Beckie Jackson (Steve) Suzie Thompson (Will), Mindy Wade (Thomas), Laura Stephenson (Brian), Paula Ward (Barry), Luci Lord (Gary), 7 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren. She was a loving companion and friend.

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: April 3, 2016

Wide eyesThis is the Second Sunday of Easter. The Risen Christ “holds the keys of death” and unlocks the doors to new life for all. God takes what is flawed, useless and inconsequential – the rejected stone, our failing lives and diseased bodies, our doubting hearts – and makes them the cornerstone of faith and forgiveness. The Body of Christ is called to witness and celebrate what is happening: God’s victory over death, disease, sin and limitations. We are invited into the wonder felt by the disciples and early converts, “Look what’s happening!”

  • What has stirred you to awe and wonder, and made you aware of God’s presence?
  • How do we allow the peace of Christ to be with us in the midst of everything life brings?
  • In what situations is God’s compassion stirring us to bring peace?

Sacred Triduum: Good Friday

Jesus on the CrossMarch 25, 2016, 7:00 PM - Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion.

When we’re in despair and our hopes are dashed, death is not the final word…therefore we can find consolation in the cross. We all experience pain, suffering, defeat and loss. When we can’t see through the suffering in our lives and in the world, there’s a humility required to face our despair and powerlessness and allow room for God to work – sometimes in ways we can’t even imagine. It takes a step of faith to accept that God can bring hope and good even in the midst of frightening, terrible violence and loss.

Jesus models a life of compassion, loving service and integrity, with total surrender to God, and then shows us that death is not the ultimate victor. We can recognize the face of Jesus in all who suffer. We can find oneness and solidarity in the suffering and loss we all know, learn compassion, and support each other on the journey through death to life. Is there suffering in my life that I need to hand over to God? Do I recognize the face of Christ in those suffering? How is God inviting me to trust that suffering and death are not the final ends?

Sacred Triduum: Holy Thursday

Foot washing; bread and wineMarch 24, 2015, 7:00 PM – Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper

The Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper is the beginning of our Sacred Paschal Triduum. We need three days to celebrate the Paschal Mystery of Christ’s life, His dying, and His rising. It all begins tonight and will conclude on Easter morning.

It was Passover. A time for remembrance of what God had done in the past. A time to look more carefully at what God was doing that Passover. And it was a time to envision what God would be bringing about in the future. It was on this night, in the Spring of the year, when the Passover lamb, whose blood brought about liberation, was sacrificed and eaten. It was on this night that Jesus and his disciples found themselves in Jerusalem for the great feast.

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: March 27, 2016

Empty TombSolemn Easter Vigil, March 27, 5:30 AM

We remember salvation history. light the new fire, bless the water, recall our own baptism, and hear the story of resurrection. By journeying with Christ through suffering and death, we find that love is the ultimate victor, bringing resurrection life. What new seed is coming to life you, and how are you nurturing it? How do we welcome the movement of the Spirit among us? What new life needs to be celebrated?

To deepen the new life begun at Easter, we invite you to continue your spiritual practices during the entire Easter Season. Pick up a “White Book” and “Beautiful Mercy” to help your prayer continue to deepen in this Year of Mercy.

Readings for the Easter Vigil:

Sages sponsoring trip to the Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass

Outlet Shoppes logoWhat: Bus trip to the Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass

When: March 29, 2016, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Where: Bus leaves from Epiphany Parking Lot

Deadline: March 23, 2016

ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM THE COLD WINTER BLAHS? If yes, then please join the Sages on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 for a trip to the Shoppes of the Bluegrass Outlet Mall. They provide a FREE, 20 passenger bus which will leave Epiphany parking lot at 10:00 AM and return around 2:00 PM.

The Shoppes of the Bluegrass Outlet Mall have doubled in size by adding many new shops and several new restaurants. All going on the bus will receive a FREE discount coupon book (value of $5).

Invitation to Holy Week

Crown and Cross

Palm Sunday begins an extraordinary week--a week that concentrates in a few days the ultimate meaning of our whole Christian life. We believe in Christ, but we also follow Christ by living and acting as Jesus did. Give yourself the gift of slowing down and making choices so that this week doesn’t go by without entering into its meaning.

We celebrate in the liturgies what we live every day--all the dying to self that characterizes truly faithful disciples of Jesus, all the serving in love that proclaims our choice to live in the reign of God. This is our way of continuing Jesus’ saving mission, our way of making visible our ultimate desire: to live united with Jesus who suffered, died, was raised, and lives in communion with the One God.

Volunteers needed for Grounds Clean-up Saturday - March 19

Spring cleanupWhat: Spring Grounds Cleanup

When: Saturday, March 19, 2016, 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Where: Meet in the Connector

Please plan to join us on Saturday, March 19, 2016 from 8:30 - 1:00 for Spring Grounds Cleanup. There will be coffee and donuts available in the Serving Area of the Community Center.

We moved the date to avoid conflicts with Holy Saturday and Easter preparation.

2016 Holy Week Prayer Schedule

Holy Week

  • Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion, March 19-20, 2016: Participate in the procession and blessing of palm, participate as a liturgical dancer. Call Linda in the office for more information.
  • Stations of the Cross: Pray them outside along the drive from the main entrance, or in the Connector. Booklets are available in the Welcome Desk.
  • Open Labyrinth walk: Stop by our outdoor labyrinth anytime during the Triduum. Suggestions for your walking prayer focus during this sacred week will be available for your use.
  • Rosary Prayer: Monday, March 21, 2016, 5:00 PM, Chapel.
  • Chrism Mass: Tuesday, March 22, 7:00 PM, Cathedral of the Assumption

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: March 20, 2016

PalmThis is Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion. This Lent we’ve been trying to embrace Christian simplicity through a contemporary look at prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Abstaining from over-consuming or recklessly wasting God’s creation is essential for anyone striving to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Taking up the cross means making decisions to forgo self-centeredness and indifference to the needs of our world, and serving in love as Jesus did.

Jesus suffers, dies and is buried - all because no one - not the Jewish or Roman leadership nor the disciples- really understands the kingdom of God. Jesus continually teaches and shows how different God’s reign is - responding without violence and even forgiving the very ones who cause his suffering and death. What reigns in the kingdom of God is patience and caring, mercy and forgiveness, reconciliation, promise of full life and dying full of promise. And we are invited to follow, and join Christ through death to life in this communion of love.

This Holy Week, enter into the deepest mysteries of our faith and re-commit to the way of Christ.