No mass on Derby Day

Derby HatThere will be no Saturday evening mass on Saturday, May 7, 2017.

Happy Derby Day!





Obituary for Susan Podshadley

Susan PodshadleySusan Emily Podshadley, age 63, died April 28 at the Episcopal Church Home in Louisville, Kentucky, after an illness.

She was a graduate with a B.A. degree in Art from the University of Louisville and from Pennsylvania State University, where she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting. Susan founded Fairytale Fashions in Boston, Massachusetts, a company for which she designed and manufactured innovative play clothes and accessories for children.

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: May 1, 2016

TCome, Holy Spirithis is the Sixth Sunday of Easter. Jesus says in today’s gospel, “Whoever loves me will keep my word.” The word of Jesus we are to keep is his command to love as he loves - not simply in words, but as love-in-action. Our love-in-action flows from the gift of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us and teaching us. “Believing” is an action, a response to the Holy Spirit’s promptings to be concerned about what really matters -- reconciliation, issues of justice and peace in the world, a concern for the poor, a respect for creation as a gift from God and a common home--a focus on a new world where “the presence and glory of God is everywhere.”

“Believers themselves must constantly feel challenged to live in a way consonant with their faith and not to contradict it by their actions. They need to be encouraged to be ever open to God’s grace and to draw constantly from their deepest convictions about love, justice and peace. ...the life of the spirit is not dissociated from the body or from nature or from worldly realities, but lived in and with them, in communion with all that surrounds us.” (200, 216, Laudato Si)

Enjoy Soup AND Dessert

SoupWhat: Soup Supper

When: April 26, 2016 – 6:00 PM

Where: Community Center

Come and enjoy a Soup Supper at 6:00 PM, Tuesday, April 26, in the Community Center!

Join your Epiphany friends for some great foods, conversation, and camaraderie. Just bring a salad, breads, or (now that Lent is behind us) DESSERT!

Celebrate Earth Day 2016

Earth DayAs we approach Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2016, let us finds ways to care for our common home, ensuring its health as a safe place to live for us and for future generations.

A Christian Prayer in Union with Creation

By Pope Francis

Father, we praise you with all your creatures. They came forth from your all-powerful hand; they are yours, filled with your presence and your tender love. Praise be to you!

Son of God, Jesus, through you all things were made. You were formed in the womb of Mary our Mother, you became part of this earth, and you gazed upon this world with human eyes. Today you are alive in every creature in your risen glory. Praise be to you!

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: April 24, 2016

Love one anotherThis is the Fifth Sunday of Easter. God is making something new in the world: a community bonded by mutual love. God’s dwelling is “with the human race,” so God is involved with the diverse things of the world. The Christian life is not simply about the next world: God is concerned with our daily life and our relationships. God is concerned with the works of justice and peace - with the work of social transformation and liberation for all men and women. By loving as Jesus did we are transformed, and thereby all the world. How have you experienced God in our local community? How is God calling us in the celebrations and struggles of community?

“Conversion...entails gratitude and gratuitousness, a recognition that the world is God’s loving gift, and that we are called quietly to imitate [God’s]generosity in self-sacrifice and good works... It also entails a loving awareness that we are not disconnected from the rest of creatures, but joined in a splendid universal communion. As believers, we do not look at the world from without but from within, conscious of the bonds with which the Father has linked us to all beings.” (Laudato Si, 220)

Obituary for Betty Keller

Betty KellerElizabeth "Betty" Keller, 90, of Louisville, KY died April 15, 2016 at 11:00 AM in Louisville, KY. She was born Elizabeth Clare Berger on June 16, 1925 in Jasper, IN to the late Sylvester & Minnie Berger.

She was a graduate of Jasper High School and served as Deputy Clerk of Dubois County, IN upon graduation. Elizabeth married Dennis Keller on February 12th, 1947 and they had seven children and were married for 68 years. When the Keller's moved to Owensboro, KY, she went to work for the City of Owensboro in their payroll tax department. She retired in 1990 after 21 years of service. In retirement, she enjoyed reading, gardening and quilting. She quilted over 60 quilts and donated them to her former parish, Blessed Mother Catholic Church in Owensboro, KY, where she also volunteered as an office assistant. She moved with her husband Dennis to Louisville in 2005 to be closer to their children and was a dedicated member of the Church of the Epiphany.

Obituary for Don Lawrence

Don LawrenceDonald H. Lawrence, age 80, of Louisville, passed away Tuesday, April 12, 2016. He was an Army Veteran. He was a former executive with the Boy Scouts of America and a retired insurance salesman. He was a member of the Church of the Epiphany, a member of the Sierra Club and enjoyed hiking and canoeing. He was preceded in death by his parents, Edwin and Jane Greer Lawrence; sisters, Priscilla Heald and Alice Douglas; and his granddaughter, Riley Jane Lawrence.

Don is survived by his loving sons, David (Sarah) and Eric (Mariann); grandchildren, Matthew, Katherine, Sam and Henry; and a host of relatives and friends.

John Asher to Speak at Men of Epiphany Meeting

Downs logoWhat: John Asher speaks about Derby 2016

When: April 17, 2016, 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Where: Community Center

On Sunday, April 17, 2016, 7:00 - 8:30 PM the Men of Epiphany will feature John Asher, Vice President of Racing Communications at Churchill Downs. Asher has been at Churchill Downs for 19 years. He was formerly a radio journalist at WHAS-AM and WAVE-AM, where he covered the thoroughbred racing industry. John will share with us information about the Downs and Derby.

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: April 17, 2016

Eternal LIfeThis is the Fourth Sunday of Easter. Jesus is the Shepherd who leads us to springs of life-giving water and gives us eternal life. Eternal life involves a joy and life that comes in solidarity with others and from a relationship with a loving shepherd. It is a life which comes together in Christ not because we possess a spirituality of rugged individualism or a religion of “knowing it all” or a spirituality of “being better than others.” Joy and life flow from relationship – relationship in community – relationship fostered and nourished by a Good Shepherd whose desire is to bring all the sheep together into the fullness of life -- a relationship of justice and righteousness with people of “from every nation, race, people, and tongue,” where the whole of creation can give honor and praise.

Productive diversification offers the fullest possibilities to human ingenuity to create and innovate, while at the same time protecting the environment and creating more sources of employment. Such creativity would be a worthy expression of our most noble human qualities, for we would be striving intelligently, boldly and responsibly to promote a sustainable and equitable development within the context of a broader concept of quality of life.” (Laudato Si #192)