Weavings-Inspired Prayers: Wednesday evenings

From a parish-wide email forwarded by Fr. Jeff on Monday, April 20, 2009:

From Linda Thieneman:

A series of Wednesday evening prayer times was in the works before the events of the past week unfolded (as you may have noticed on the website or bulletin).  Sr. Larraine (Social Responsibility Ministries), and I (Worship Ministries) were developing prayer times following Easter inviting us to stand together in the tragic gap (-- the one between reality and what we hope and dream --). Aware of the divisions among us, and our own struggles, we  were hoping to provide an opportunity to be together and rediscover the "beloved community,"  which is a focus of the Easter season epistle readings.  We gathered a small team from our areas to collaborate in this endeavor: Sharon Bidwell, Maureen Kelly and Edd Johanneman. The gap now feels larger, steeper, more sharp than we had previously experienced...and the need to stand with each other there seems even more critical now.

Sr. Larraine sent a stirring invitation to the Social Responsibility folks, which I pass to you, since I couldn't express it any better.  As a part of our gatherings we are using an issue of Weavings "Standing in the Tragic Gap" (March/April issue of a spirituality journal). Please let me or Larraine know if you'd like a copy before Wednesday, and we'll leave one for you on the back porch.

Bibletimes Vacation School: Volunteers Needed!

Bibletimes is coming soon – July 13-17. Any adult wishing to work with the children at this exciting annual event (or during Formation, for that matter) needs to attend a Safe Environment Workshop (you only need to attend once). Below is the schedule. Upon completion of attendance, please send a copy of your signed “Appendix E” to the attention of Barb at Epiphany’s office.

Neophyte Witness: Chris

The following is a Witness account of an Epiphany Neophyte, Chris, baptised on Easter in 2009.  These are his words.

From the book of Acts Chapter 8

Reflections on Sunday's Mass: April 19, 2009

Bucket Café returns May 3

Epiphany’s Bucket Café begins Sunday, May 3rd between the 9 and 11:30 liturgies! The laid-back setting is a great reminder that time shared while attending the Bucket Café is not for meetings, business, or any agenda. Rather, it is a wonderful time to simply share ourselves with one another.

Need some hints to strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know? Perhaps one of the following will work for you: How did you spend your Easter? Do you have any ideas to use hard-boiled eggs besides deviled eggs? Did your home survive the Good Friday and Easter Monday storms? Have you begun thinking about any summer activities? If you’re really brave, you might try: What resurrection experience have you had lately?

Please consider bringing some food to share. We’ll provide the drinks but goodies need to come from you. Have a new recipe you wanted to try but your family won’t taste? Now’s your chance! Anonymously put it on the food table. Then, sneak peaks at the smiles or frowns of folks who choose to eat it! If you have award winning culinary skills, feel free to attach your name to your creation. Don’t have time to bake or cook? No problem! Just swing by a store and pick up whatever treat your family enjoys. Others will too.

See you around the apron of the church between the 9 am and 11:30 am masses – about 10:15 or so!

April is National Child Abuse Prevent Month

Reflections on the "Beloved Community": Praying Together in the Gap…

Have you found yourself discouraged, facing a glaring difference between what you deeply hope and desire for your life, and the obviously less-than-perfect reality? Especially in challenging times, we can find ourselves standing in the gap between reality and the fulfillment of our hopes. In a time of challenge and division, how can we best be with and for one another?

Honduras 2009 Mission pictorial report

We returned from our first mission trip to Honduras with so many photos, thoughts and prayers.  See a slideshow of our efforts to the right, and click here to download our Mission Report.

The Easter Bunny visits Epiphany

The Easter Bunny visited Epiphany on Saturday April 11th for an Easter Egg hunt! 


In the pre-dawn stillness, with a bright full moon shining, the procession to the apron of the church began. Those who were to be initiated into the Catholic Church at Epiphany, had just prayed for the “coming of the Holy Spirit.”  The most solemn liturgy of the year began with the creation story from Genesis and the lighting of the new fire.  Entering the Worship Center with only the light of the paschal candle as a guide, the elect and their sponsors came to the front of the sanctuary. The Liturgy of the Word proceeded...  just before the singing of the Exultet, the flame of fire, the light of Christ was passed throughout the assembly.

After the homily, the baptismal water was blessed.  The Elect and the community renewed their baptismal promises.  Michael Medley, a 16 year old sophomore at St. X, entered the water to be baptized.  He along with four other candidates were then confirmed: Jenny Napier, Carmen Clark, Chris Kleinhaus and Kaye Gallagher.  The Liturgy of the Eucharist followed with those being initiated receiving communion first.

A reception and Easter brunch was offered to the neophytes, our newest members and their families.  The neophytes from Easter 2008 offered hospitality during the brunch.  The liturgy and the brunch that followed were great celebrations of new life!

Photo courtesy of http://www.catholichawaii.org/