Honduras 2009 Mission pictorial report

We returned from our first mission trip to Honduras with so many photos, thoughts and prayers.  See a slideshow of our efforts to the right, and click here to download our Mission Report.

The Easter Bunny visits Epiphany

The Easter Bunny visited Epiphany on Saturday April 11th for an Easter Egg hunt! 


In the pre-dawn stillness, with a bright full moon shining, the procession to the apron of the church began. Those who were to be initiated into the Catholic Church at Epiphany, had just prayed for the “coming of the Holy Spirit.”  The most solemn liturgy of the year began with the creation story from Genesis and the lighting of the new fire.  Entering the Worship Center with only the light of the paschal candle as a guide, the elect and their sponsors came to the front of the sanctuary. The Liturgy of the Word proceeded...  just before the singing of the Exultet, the flame of fire, the light of Christ was passed throughout the assembly.

After the homily, the baptismal water was blessed.  The Elect and the community renewed their baptismal promises.  Michael Medley, a 16 year old sophomore at St. X, entered the water to be baptized.  He along with four other candidates were then confirmed: Jenny Napier, Carmen Clark, Chris Kleinhaus and Kaye Gallagher.  The Liturgy of the Eucharist followed with those being initiated receiving communion first.

A reception and Easter brunch was offered to the neophytes, our newest members and their families.  The neophytes from Easter 2008 offered hospitality during the brunch.  The liturgy and the brunch that followed were great celebrations of new life!

Photo courtesy of http://www.catholichawaii.org/

The St. Vincent DePaul truck is coming!

Reflections on the Triduum: The Paschal Mystery

Triduum Reflections: These three days offer us a time to explore and celebrate the core of our faith.


Holy week reminders

Easter liturgy colored scarves

For our 9:00 and 11:30 Easter Sunday celebrations, we invite you to bring small scarves of any color (the brighter the better) to be waved as we praise God during the Gloria and closing song.  If you have scarves you’d like to donate for others to use, please leave them in the basket in the gathering area.

Softball signups

Spring means baseball!  If interested in playing on Epiphany’s team, please email Therese ASAP!  Teams need to be submitted at the initial meeting next week -- yep, that's Holy Week!  Games are held at

Reflections on Sunday's Mass: April 5, 2009

This is Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion. We recall Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem where he is greeted as Messiah-King, and also hear in the Passion how quickly that changes. Jesus shows us how fully and humbly he embraced humanity—experiencing denial, betrayal, doubts about God, abandonment, torture, mockery, crucifixion and death, as well as surprising acts of kindness and solidarity.

Opportunities for participation during the Triduum (Three Sacred Days)

We are encouraged to actively participate in the Paschal Mystery. Here are some ways for you to be involved this year.

Holy Thursday: