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I’m Linda Thieneman and I have been Epiphany’s Director of Worship and Music Ministry since 1982. While there have been many changes through the years, Epiphany has remained faithful to its vision of a hospitable community fully engaged in faith through involvement in prayer and action, with a commitment to vibrant liturgies, ongoing formation, transformative social justice and self-giving service. Prayer has been the heart of our community as we have continually come together to wrestle with gospel values, relevant issues, a plethora of opinions and the Spirit’s callings. The Worship Committee fosters the prayer and liturgical experiences that help us find our deeper unity in the midst of diversity, and to choose courses of action that allow the love of God to be more manifest in our world. As the prayer of our community has deepened and broadened, so have our Worship ministries expanded to include all that supports weekend Eucharistic liturgies (from planners to lectors, space arrangers to bell ringers), programs to help develop individuals’ prayer, and the breadth of prayer forms (from rosary to labyrinth prayer) that help sustain us in living out our mission. I came to Epiphany with music education and performance degrees and background, with experience of music ministry in Michigan and Louisville, and soon had my Masters in Music as well. Music has always been a valued part of Epiphany’s prayer, and our music ministry has grown to include singers and players of all ages, provided music for hundreds of programs and thousands of prayer events, and produced four recordings. In 2006 I completed a degree in music therapy that further informs me in the use of music as a tool for spiritual experience and expression. Over the years I have remained animated by Epiphany nurturing my creativity and leadership as well as challenging me to explore and develop ministries in varied areas, particularly in spirituality and music.


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