Infant Baptism


Baptism for infants and children is celebrated during a weekend liturgy, six or seven weekends a year. Parents anticipating the birth of a child are encouraged to prepare for the baptism of their child prior to his/her birth. A one session Baptism Preparation program, held on Saturday mornings, is provided prior to the celebration of baptism. The program is for parents and is also open to godparents. 

Baptism Schedule for 2020 :

Preparation Meetings: February 8

Baptism: February 15 & 16

Preparation Meetings: May 9

Baptism: May 16 & 17

Preparation Meetings: July 18

Baptism: July 25 & 26


Please complete and return the Baptism Registration Form to Tasha Gordon by email, fax, or dropping it off at the parish office.

To Register for Baptism [Click Here]


The role of godparents is to support the parents of the infant being baptized as they bring up their child in the practice of the faith. Godparents do this through the example of their own Christian lives and by maintaining a presence and interest in the life of the child. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states “… the godfather and godmother… must be firm believers, able and ready to help the newly baptized – child or adult – on the road of Christian life.” (#1255)

Requirements of Godparents are:

-One godparent is required for Baptism, but two (a male and a female) may be recorded in the baptismal record.

-Must be Catholic, in good standing with the Church and actively practicing their Catholic faith.

-At least 16 years of age, be baptized, confirmed, and have celebrated First Eucharist. -A baptized, non-Catholic Christian may serve as a Christian witness to a Baptism along with a Catholic godparent.

Godparents who are not registered members of Epiphany Catholic Church are asked to submit a letter from their parish stating that they are eligible to undertake the role of godparent according to the requirements described above.  Please return a completed Godparent Certificate of Eligibility form to Tasha Gordon by email, fax, or  dropping it off at the parish office.

Godparent Certificate of Eligibility {Click here}




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