Epiphany Social Responsibility Grant 2019

Can Epiphany support you or an organization in which you are involved with a project that will promote justice, facilitate peace and/or enable charitable actions? The Annual Grant program can provide funding to help you get your project underway. Examples of projects that were funded in the past:
Storage units for supplies to help feed the homeless
Renovated classroom space for meetings
Living skills program for 18 year olds in transition from public 
      funding to independent living

What is YOUR IDEA?

Are you involved in an organization or cause where a specific project would 
benefit from Epiphany’s financial support?
Could other parishioners become involved in the project?

To submit an application [Click Here]

Applications must be submitted by February 1, 2019.
Applications will be reviewed in early March by a committee with representatives 
from all of Epiphany’s standing committees.
If you have questions, please contact Colleen Stout by email: cmstout424@hotmail.com.




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Online Giving

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