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“Raising Children of Faith in a Consumer Society”

A presentation by Susan Vogt.  Sunday, March 15th, 3:00 - 4:30pm. Susan is a speaker and award winning author who is a counselor by training.  She was the editor of the Journal of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers and has taught at the University level.  PLEASE RSVP [Click Here] or email Lisa at Lisa@EpiphanyCatholicChurch.org.



Parenting Cafe 

March 1st - How to teach our children the value of money.  March 8th - How do we as family manage communication methods and devices?  March 22nd - How do we impart to our children the importance of Church/Faith in our lives and family.   Library 10:30 - 11:15am.  PLEASE RSVP by February 24th to Lisa@epiphanycatholicchurch.org  Childcare available upon rquest.  


2018-19 Annual Stewardship Report

This year, we are trying to conserve paper and reduce printing and postage expenses by e-mailing our 2018-19 Annual Stewardship Report.  Anyone who prefers a hard-copy of this report, may obtain one on the information table in the Connector.

To download the Annual Report [Click Here]

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What is Family?

One of the goals from our Parish Discernment process under the category of Family Life, was to develop a project to explore and define what family means. In response to this, we will be creating and presenting “What is Family,” a video designed and edited here at Epiphany, starring our parish families. If you would be interested in participating in this video (single, married, widowed, friends, parent/child/grandchild, etc.) please let us know! While we would love to accommodate all families interested, there are only a limited number of spaces available. Please click the link below to sign up and Jordan Wheatley, our Communications Coordinator, will be in touch soon!

To sign up [Click Here]


Greg Tichenor's 2019 Jim Flynn Award Acceptance Speech

It is so humbling to be standing here to receive this award this evening. Thank you to everyone for being here to celebrate this occasion with me. As a few of you know, hearing the testimony from past award winners has been some of the most spiritually nourishing experiences I’ve had at Epiphany. The messages have inspired me to go forth and make a difference in this world through action and I hope my words today will inspire others to do the same... To read the rest of the speech [Click Here]



Lenten Sacrifice: A Short reflection

Lent has always been a time of prayerful reflection for me. As a single mom, there’s not a whole lot of quiet in my world, but during Lent somehow I force quiet into the hustle and bustle.  Recently, I’ve been reflecting on what my Lenten sacrifice will be.  I began talking with my daughter about Lent and Easter in the car last week. In traditional Lydia style, she started rambling on about everything she knows about Lent.  I could tell that the conversations from school were fresh on her mind.  When we reached the topic of Lenten sacrifices, she was quick to share with me, “Mommy, I’m going to give up blankie this year.”  “Wow, Lydia!  That’s a big sacrifice!  You sleep with blankie every night!”  She responds, “Mommy, Jesus gave up everything for me, surely I can give up blankie.” 

Isn’t it funny how children can put us in our place so quickly?  That sometimes children understand faith better than adults.

Seven years old and fully prepared to give up something deeply close to her heart, for the sake of our Lord.  Her decision to give up blankie made my thoughts of giving up sodas quite lame.  Perhaps we should think deeper this Lent.  Perhaps we should find our seven year old faith, and sacrifice accordingly.


Retreats: Why You Should Take Advantage of a Retreat

Stress: We all experience stress in our lives and find many ways to cope with it. Did you know, according to a study by the National Institute of Mental health, one-third of teens report feeling anxiety, while 62% of college students feel “overwhelming anxiety”, a survey states from the American College Health Association. Factors of stress often derive from conflict in relationships, classwork, and thinking about the future (what will I do after I graduate?). Our teens are busier than ever before!

Retreats are a wonderful opportunity to take time to escape for a short time from the loudness of our world, to grow in relationship with Christ and others in community, to listen prayerfully to God, and find peace and clarity. Let’s encourage our youth to dedicate time with our Lord, to release our worries, stress, and fears, and receive wisdom, peace, and Christ Himself through the various retreats that are coming up for our high school students and young adults. Need more information and registration forms? Contact Tasha Gordon at tasha@epiphanycatholicchurch.org or 502-245-9722 ex.19.

CHAOS Transformed Retreat - Who:Open to 9th-10th grade students - When: January 11-13th 2019 - Where: Mount Saint Francis, Indiana - Cost: $125 (Scholarships available through Epiphany Youth Ministry)

Together Encountering Christ Retreat - Who: Juniors & Seniors in High School, and young adults ages 18-25 - When: February 16-18th, 2019 - Where: Flaget Center, Louisville - Cost: $125  (Scholarships available through Epiphany Youth Ministry)

Christian Awakening Retreat - Who: 11th-12th grade youth - When: March 15-17th, 2019 - Where: Flaget Center, Louisville - Cost: $125  (Scholarships available through Epiphany Youth Ministry)





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